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Proper maintenance of diesel fuel injection pump

1.     When the fuel injection pump is installed on the diesel engine, the fuel supply advance angle must be checked. After 500 hours' operation, the fuel supply advance angle shall be checked again.

2.     We must use the national standard light diesel oil, and the diesel oil should have 48~96 hours’ sedimentation and filtration.

3.     Pay attention to the cleaning of diesel tank and filter

4.     Checking the engine oil every day, filling it when it is insufficient.

5.     There is a skeleton oil seal between the fuel injection pump and the governor, so it needs to fill oil separately.

6.     If the oil level increases due to oil dilution, indicating that the injection pump or oil pump seriously leakage. The problem should be promptly removed.

7.     100 hours after the diesel engine running, the oil and clean the oil pump strainer should be replaced.

8.     Fuel injection pump shall not be free to disassemble and adjust, especially the parts with sealing. The worksite must be cleaned if it is necessary to disassemble and repair.

9.     After 2000 hours working, the injection pump should be completely removed, check; replace or repair worn and damaged parts, and re-commissioning.

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