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Maintenance of high-pressure common rail test stand

(1) Fuel system maintenance

1. Fuel should be replaced when the test stand works 800 hours or debugs 500 pumps.

2. The tubing clamps at each joint must be secured to prevent oil leakage or air entry.

3. Filters need to be cleaned every 800 hours or debug 500 pumps.

4. Shall not give excessive force when turning the hand wheel of pressure regulating valve to left/right end, to prevent damage to the valve.

(2) Adjustment of standard injector

In order to ensure the test accuracy of the test stand, the PJ-40 calibrator is used to check the standard injector periodically, check whether the opening pressure is correct, the standard pressure is 17.5+0.2MPa, and check the flow uniformity of the injector.

(3) Periodic inspection of frequency converter

The frequency converter should be regularly maintained so as to make the operation safer and more stable. Power must be switched off when checking the converter. Also note that if the inverter charging indicator is not completely extinguished, this means that the power has not been fully discharged. In this situation, never touch electrical appliances and devices.

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